Welcome our new academy team

Welcome our new academy team

Aug 11, 2019

So the time has come to share with you all what we have been working on behind the scenes here at Crowns. We are always on the look-out for new and upcoming talent and facilitate their needs as much as we can so that they can shine as bright as possible and with that in mind we have found a team who’s hard work and dedication to their arts have impressed us greatly and we see great potential in them.

They’ll be starting their journey very soon here at Crowns as the team will be participating in Svenska Elitserien 2019 Fall beginning the 27th of August and we are very excited to see them in action. And with that, it is with great pleasure we introduce to you our academy team:


Gustaf “Gustafo” Kjellbin, IGL & team captain

William “SvinTer” Myrholt, Entry Fragger

Jonathan “jooffe” Skog, Rifler

Simon “epy” Persson, Rifler

Sebastian “clime” Usison, Awper

Maikel “kMs” Yüksel, Coach

Emil “SpeX” Dalby, Team Manager


Along with the talented team manager Emil “SpeX” Dalby filling in the last piece of the puzzle we’re looking forward to what the future holds. We’ll leave you with a few words from our coach Maikel “kMs” Yüksel and captain Gustaf “Gustafo” Kjellbin and co-Crowns founder Daniel “broiler” Skoglund. Welcome to the family!

It feels great to be able to represent an organisation such as Crowns Esports Club. We have worked for a long time to build a great foundation within our team and to be able to take that foundation to Crowns is amazing! I look forward to the road ahead and with the dedication, focus and hard work of the players alongside the help and support from Crowns, I’m certain that greatness will be achieved.” – Coach Maikel “kMs” Yüksel


“We are extremely happy to have joined the crowns family. It is an organization with great people in it with high goals that works really hard, just like our team, so I think we are a perfect match. We had a great experience in our previous organisation “Nymf Esport” with great success all year and I will always appreciate the hard working staff there, but it was time to move on. This upcoming season our big goal is to have a good performance in the “Svenska elitserien/Swedish Elitserie” which we qualified for the previous season and show that we belong at the top layer of the Swedish CS:GO scene. We will attend a couple of events that are not decided yet and of course our main goal will always be to win and to show everyone who we are. Now its time to keep up the grind! Our journey begins now, hope you cheer for us!”Captain and In-game leader Gustaf “Gustafo” Kjellbin

“We have been looking to acquire an academy team for a while because we want to help the Swedish CS:GO scene grow and give players that have not yet proved themselves a chance to do so under our flag. We know these players have the right mindset we’re looking for with their advancement to the Svenska Elitserien CS:GO so it will be interesting and exciting to follow our teams progress, even though the team will be underdogs in many leagues/tournaments today, we are looking for the long-term development.” –  co-Crowns founder Daniel “broiler” Skoglund