Males advance to Skinhub Championship Event

Males advance to Skinhub Championship Event

Oct 6, 2017

Our male team is lock, stock and fully loaded to take down their next opponents as they qualify for the Skinhub Season 2 Championship securing their chance at the 10,000 USD prize pool being offered. The main event will begin 08.10.2017 and will have four teams in four groups GSL format Bo1 and the best two teams from every group will proceed to double elimination playoffs.

The men started the day off defeating  MARVO.ASRock on Inferno 16-6 then continued their domination through the rest of the field beating  Team Fantazeri 16-2 Inferno,  Millenium 16-10 Cache,  passions 16-5 Inferno,   Nemiga 16-5 Cobble and lastly  Main Street 2-1 in the semifinals. Our lads have qualified for the main tournament and we couldn’t be more excited for their achievements thus far. We’ll see you at the main event!