Males finalize their roster

Males finalize their roster

Sep 26, 2017

For a while now our male team have been trying to put the last few pieces of the puzzle together and now we are happy to announce the search is over.

We would like to officially welcome  Jerry “Xelos” Raberg who has been playing with us since last season and we welcome the returning  Mattias “bENNY” Rosbäck into the ranks. We know this will be one amazing season of premier!

We are delighted and can’t wait for them to hit the ground running as their ESEA premier season begins next week. All of their games will be streamed right on our very own twitch channel so you won’t miss any action this season!


A few words from Jerry “Xelos” Raberg & Mattias “bENNY” Rosbäck:

“I’m happy to announce I will join Crowns once again and with this team we have a high chance of success and I’m looking forward to reaching that in the coming months. The grind begins and I believe you will see more of us soon!” – Mattias “bENNY” Rosbäck


“I’m happy to be back in the game after my departure from Epsilon last year. I had some offers but none were a good fit for me at the time. After playing together with Crowns for almost two months I feel like Crowns is a good fit for me and I’m looking forward for the future.” – Jerry “Xelos” Raberg

Our current line-up:

Joachim “darti” Fornstedt

Samuel “decento” Oldenburg

Simon “downie” Storm

Jerry “Xelos” Raberg

Mattias “bENNY” Rosbäck


Mattias “bENNY” Rosbäck warming up at Birdie land #27