Crowns players participating for WESG qualifiers

Crowns players participating for WESG qualifiers

Sep 21, 2017

Starting today a monumental moment for Female counterstrike will be happening. WESG looks to bring the best of the best to their tournament with huge prize pools in several areas of gaming including: CSGO, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Starcraft 2 and for the first time we are going to see the largest prize pool for female CSGO… 100,000 USD! This is truly unprecedented and a huge step and will surely encourage more women to participate in Esports. So we are happy to hear that a number of our female players here at Crowns will be participating in the online qualifiers this month as they fight for their chance at the tremendous prize laid forth by WESG.

According to the rules teams have to be comprised of players who are all legal residents of the country they’re representing and with that in mind some of our own players have sought out others looking to qualify. Those who are participating from Crowns with their respective teams are:


“Swe.mix”: yeahnie #27, fliCkat, KattiZRambolina and szanto

“CoolWhip”:  Nessa, Zietra, kkarree, maja and CheXie

“Drama.Team”: Joanamazing, sOfia, hit, CuTcHi* and KILLITAST

“Lego”: Hadesia, MAR1ON423, Monkey D. Julie, Missa and kim

“Turkey”: Öykü, Flutura, Smurfette, Nariel and PinkANGEL


*Crowns players in bold

There’s going to be a lot of action coming up and we will be covering as much of it as we can. We wish you the best of luck ladies!

WESG 2017 Official FullHD

Nearly Four million USD will be up for grabs for this years WESG Grand Final Prize Pools in several areas of eSports.