Males reaching new heights

Males reaching new heights

Aug 25, 2017

Early in August our male team began their march towards glory and after the dust settled they’ve emerged victorious and have now secured their spot next season in ESEA Premier moving up from Main. Their regular season ended impressively at 12-4-0 and gave them their ticket into the playoffs to which they finished 3-1-0. Led by their captain Darti the men have proven themselves worthy competitors having quite a number of dominating performances against such teams as REALIZE 16-5, eSuba 16-8, VEXED 2-0 and many more.


As this season comes to a close the team will take a well deserved break but be assured they will come back stronger with a renewed desire for even more glory in next seasons ESEA Premier league. They have given us quite the ride and our lads have every reason to hold their heads up high. Well done!


A word from team captain Joachim “darti” Fornstedt:

Since we became part of crowns some months ago our main focus was on to qualify for ESEA Premier and now we have succeeded in our first attempt which is pleasing and a great relief for the team. The way there was anything but easy. The season has been a lot about keeping a good and even level and to hit our peek performance right into the playoffs which I think we have managed well with. The qualification to Premier gives us a good opportunity to continue developing and the league is what we will spend the most energy on in the future along with online qualifications.



Crowns warming up at Birdie Lan #27 in which they take first place winning 50 000 kronor

Crowns warming up at Birdie Lan #27 in which they took first place winning 50 000 kronor