Zietra released from her contract

Zietra released from her contract

Jul 28, 2017

A couple of months ago Jennifer “Zietra” Karppinen wanted to take a break from CS:GO in order to be able to focus more on her studies and family. We granted her wish to take a pause and found a fifth as a temporary replacement in terms of Öykü.

Now, with some time passed, we came to the agreement to release her from her contract and to make Öykü the permanent fifth to our international CS:GO female squad.

I do miss playing CS:GO and being with the team, but with my current life situation it is not possible to put in the time that is needed in a serious team, as I am studying and working fulltime. When I talked to the management I explained that I did not want to be under contract anymore since the lack of disengagement and time, which would only make me stand in their way to success, as I see a lot of potential in all of the 5 current players. I wish them my best of luck and will always be supporting Crowns. – Jennifer “Zietra” Karppinen


Jennifer has been a part of Crowns since October 2016 and she has contributed a lot to our female section, she has talent and a great personality so we are sad to let her go. We do wish her good luck in the future and hope to see her again in the future. – Cliff Lilja, Club Manager