Öykü “Öykümeister” büyük joins as fifth

Öykü “Öykümeister” büyük joins as fifth

Jul 28, 2017

Our CS:GO international ladies team have been searching for quite some time for the final person to replace Jennifer “Zietra” Karppinen who will remain as sixth player and after several weeks of tryouts of many skilled players we are happy to announce Öykü “Öykümeister” büyük will be joining our international ladies as main awper.

“I’m so grateful to Crowns for giving me this opportunity and very excited to join forces with the talented Crowns ladies! Can’t think of a better organization to represent, looking forward to get out there and do my best, go Crowns!” – Öykü “Öykümeister” büyük


Let’s give Öykü “Öykümeister” büyük a cordial welcome as we look forward to see her and the rest of our international ladies on the fields of battle!