Crowns at Dreamhack Summer

Crowns at Dreamhack Summer

Jun 16, 2017

This years Dreamhack summer is getting closer and closer by the day and of course Crowns will have teams there to represent the organisation.

In the Dreamhack CS:GO BYOC Female Championship you will see a mix of our international female team and some new faces from the female Nordic team compete for the first prize of 10 000 SEK. Our players attending will be KattiZ, fliCkat, Hadesia, Nessa & yeahnie #27. This will be the first time for both KattiZ and fliCkat playing in the Crowns jersey and we couldn’t be more excited at watching our ladies fight this one out!

In the DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix you will see Bozzzton, Fluffy & DeathBoose battle it out for $25 000 USD. Bozzzton is looking to continue his incredible performance at Copenhagen Games where he brought home the gold and apply that proficiency once again at Dreamhack Summer.



Bozzzton brought home the gold at Copenhagen games, will he succeed in doing the same at Dreamhack?