Taking the bronze medal

Taking the bronze medal

Jun 13, 2017

During the weekend our CS:GO male team reached the semi-finals for the Fragbite Yoggi Yalla cup and were riding high as they had just won Birdie Lan #27 and looked to continue in that fashion but even though our lads played some fantastic counterstrike with several heart pounding and impressive 1 v x clutches they would fall 2-1 against team Fightclub who would eventually go on to win the cup. A total of eight qualifiers and multiple teams fought it out to get to the final this past weekend where we saw a lot of fantastic teams such as RED RESERVE who ended up losing in the quarter finals behind our males.

The men rallied back in the 2nd map of Train and took it 16-9 to set up a 3rd and final map, however, it was not mean’t to be. With that said, our male team will learn from this experience and prepare themselves for the next opponent just around the corner.

1. Fightclub (25.000 SEK)
2.  Atleterna (12.500 SEK)
3. Crowns Esports Club (6.250 SEK)
4. #FREEIBP (6.250 SEK)



Practice & determination are some keys to success as bENNY warms up.



Check out the full tournament information at HLTV.