Welcome Female Nordic

Welcome Female Nordic

May 25, 2017

Crowns Esports Club is happy to announce 2017 CS:GO Female Nordic lineup! With more and more female events starting up around the globe, we are excited to see what the future will bring for our CS:GO Female divisions and by extending our female teams from one to two teams. Our expectations and hopes are to build a growing ground in our organisation to find and develop talented females.

Joining our Swedish section are four amazing players, who have created a name for them selves at Copenhagen Games 2017 under the team name Zest. We are proud to present:

Nicoline “nicci” Svensson
Matilda “Rambolina” Gustavsson
Katja “KattiZ” Kontio
Isabelle “fliCkat” Nygren

“We are really happy to announce that we now are a part of the Crowns.gg family! Excited to start work together with them to improve ourselves as players and as a team.” – Matilda “Rambolina” Gustavsson

The team is currently evaluating the players available in the scene to find that perfect person to take the last spot.