New CS:GO men team

New CS:GO men team

May 25, 2017

We are very happy to welcome our new CS:GO men team to the Crowns family. They are joining us at an exciting time of year, as we are moving into a busy season consisting of both larger events, Such as Dreamhack Summer and Dreamhack Valencia. Together with smaller events such as Birdie LAN, just outside of Stockholm, Sweden. Birdie LAN will also be the place where we our team will make their introduction to the scene under the Crowns flag.

In the line-up we will see a flashback to the past, with Mattias “benny” Rosbäck trying out for the four new players in Crowns. Rasmus “Zitte” Johansson, Simon “downie” Storm, Joachim “darti” Fornstedt and Samuel “decent” Oldenburg who will be part of the new line-up together with their new coach Samuel “Zyppe” Martinsson, who will continue his coaching job in Crowns.

We are hopeful that with fresh ideas and enthusiasm, this will be one of our most exciting summers ever and the start of a new direction for our CS:Go men team.