Zietra takes a pause

Zietra takes a pause

May 5, 2017

Jennifer “Zietra” Karppinen and the organisations have together come to the conclusion that Jennifer will need to step down from our main female CS:GO line due to health reasons. During her recuperating phase she will continue as the teams sixth player, until that time she feels ready to come back.

We will still see one of our most talented players in upcoming matches, however our goal here is to give Jennifer the time she needs to move forward and take the break she needs, and find her way in life. If this involves CS:GO or not, only the future knows.

Please find a statement below from Zietra.

I have reached a point in life where cs:go, rather than being an enjoyment, is a boundary for my own health, thus I would not be able to give 100% to become the best individually and with the team. It is not fair for either my own mental health or the team to force myself to play with no motivation, therefore stepping down and becoming 6th player will allow another player to give their all together with this amazing team. I wish the girls my best of luck meanwhile I am working with myself, to eventually (hopefully) come back stronger and more hungry than ever. – Jennifer “Zietra” Karppinen

A few words from the CS:GO ladies teams coach Fredrik “Wicca” Lindgren.

This is unfortunate for everyone involved, but it is a part of life and these things comes and goes and I think that many can relate to it. Zietra is a young and extremely talented player who I have had a blast training in all the aspects of the game. She has a great future ahead of her and if she feels like she needs some time off to find her motivation and improve her health its of course alright! Me and the rest of the girls wish her the best of luck and we hope to see her back on track as soon as possible! – Fredrik “Wicca” Lindgren