Bozzzton wins Copenhagen Games Hearthstone Championship

Bozzzton wins Copenhagen Games Hearthstone Championship

Apr 17, 2017

This weekend we sent all of our hearthstone players to the Copenhagen Games tournament. A tournament that has been stacked with really good players over the last couple of years. This time there was no difference. The tournament had a really high quality with players from teams like Alliance and RED Reserve, but Swedish Crowns player Elias “Bozzzton” Sibelius came out on top and won the whole tournament.

The first day of the event we saw great gameplay from both Elias “Bozzzton” Sibelius and Peter “DeathBoose” Laihinen which lead them into the Days two playoff. Unfortunatly Elliot “Fluffy” Karlsson did not continue from the first day.

Bozzzton played his first game of the playoffs against the Danish player Spartacus and he came out ahead after some brilliant play and won the series with a 3-0 score. In round 2 of the playoffs, he got faced against Wita, who knocked out the Alliance player Orange from the tournament. Bozzzton, however, showed his strength here as well and won also this series with a 3-2 score. That put him in the semifinal of the upper bracket of the tournament where we faced danish player NikLaus and sadly lost by a 2-3 score and got knocked down to the lower bracket of the playoffs.


Deathboose got into the lower bracket earlier than Bozzzton did, after losing the second round in the upper bracket against Nightgarden. But Deathboose showed strength in the lower bracket and submarined to the round 4 of the lower bracket where he was going to face his own teammate Bozzzton. So the last two swedes in the tournament had to play against each other and knock one out. Bozzzton started strong and got the lead early in the series which held on to and won over his team mate and Swedish friend Deathboose with a 3-1 score. Deathboose ends as top 6.

Bozzzton was now only two series away from the final and only four from winning the tournament (despite coming from lower bracket). In round 5 of the lower bracket Bozzzton got to play against the player KillerCrock, this series was incredible close. But Bozzzton showed no nerves at all and came out on top with a 3-2 score.

With only one series away from the final and having the chance to win the tournament bozzton got to play against Nightgarden. The player that knocked Deathboose down to the lower bracket earlier. Bozzzton showed no mercy here either and won this series with a 4-3 score, that put him in the final against the player that knocked him into the lower bracket earlier, nikLaus.

For Bozzzton to win the tournament he had to win two best of 7 series due to the fact he came from the lower bracket, however Niklaus only had to win one bo7 since he came from the winner bracket. The first series was really one sided for Bozzzton everything went right and clutched the first series against Niklaus. This means both players are now one series away from bringing the trophy home. The Danish player Niklaus versus the Swede Bozzzton.

Bozzzton got an early lead into the series with his hunter deck beating Niklaus Paladin. But Bozzzton lost the upcomming match against NikLaus Hunter. With a score 1-1 both players randomly queued their freeze mage into each other. Which says to be one of the most skill fulled matchups. Despite Niklaus having 3 iceblocks Bozzzton came out on top and won that important match. And with the momentum after the freeze mage mirror match, he carried on to bring home the trophy to Sweden with a score of 4-1 in the last bo7.

Statement from Elias “Bozzzton” Sibelius:

Winning this tournament for me meant alot. I’ve putted so much effort into the games the last year and always been close and felt i played well but the breakthrough in tournament didn’t really never came until now. This was a big confidence boost and i’m super happy with this win, my preparation and plays paid off. But now i look forward, this is a good achievement but far from my goals. Will work even harder and already hyped from DH Austin coming up soon! – Elias “Bozzzton” Sibelius 
 Huge congratulations to our player Elias “Bozzzton” Sibelius for bringing the trophy home to Sweden and winning copenhagen games 2017.