New addition to Hearthstone section

New addition to Hearthstone section

Dec 2, 2016

Crowns Esports Club have added Kevin “Kevvec” Chan to the Hearthstone roster. Kevin will not only join Crowns as a player but also as manager for the Hearthstone section.

He has a background in International Marketing studies and long experience as a accomplished player in Hearthstone, making him a strong ally to handle the ins and outs around the players, tournaments and scene. Kevin will here-next participate in SeatStory Cup VI in Germany 15-18th December.


I am really looking forward to participate and represent Crowns at SeatStory Cup. It is a really good chance for me to prove my knowledge and experience of the game even though the game involves i a lot of RNG players can tell if a player has prepared a lot or nothing at all. Now when the new expansion just got released I will put my mindset into the game 24/7 to be as prepared as possible for this tournament. I hope I will do well at this tournament but also not forget to rest and have fun.

I will sign with Crowns as a player but also a manager for the Hearthstone section. I am looking forward to work with Crowns as I see huge potential in the organisation and also the players I will work with, they are each and everyone of them very good in their gameplay and their specific classes. As a manager I will try to help the players with everything regarding Hearthstone World Championship 2017, help them prepare and create an even better chemistry for the players, main point is to ease the stuff for them so they can focus on Hearthstone with full mindset. – Kevin “Kevvec” Chan