Team Fortress 2 team finishes perfect regular season

Team Fortress 2 team finishes perfect regular season

Nov 5, 2016

The regular season of the European Team Fortress 2 League season 25 has ended and the playoff is around the corner. A couple of days ago Crowns played their last regular season game brining home the victory and ending what ended up being a great regular season for Crowns with 41 points and not dropping a single map.

The teams roamer Drackk shares this thoughts on the season:

After a successful LAN win at i58, we go back to online play with ETF2L.

As usual, the season immediately after the August iSeries is rushed out of the gate before anyone gets a chance to create teams and form teamwork, which generally creates quite a poor season.

This season we have won every map, dropping only 1 point to LEGO in our latest game which ended in a Golden Cap Win. I can’t say I’m surprised by this result, but it will interesting to see what happens during Playoffs.

LEGO always put up a good fight during the playoffs, and sauna slayers have picked up alle and Sil, which can become a big chance for the team with their previous experience in Full Tilt.

We are aiming to claim the title of european champions once again, this season will be the 5th time in a row.


Crowns roamer Drackk.