Crowns picks up Thalash

Crowns picks up Thalash

Aug 31, 2016

Following the success at Insomnia58 we’ve now set aim at becoming the most dominant Team Fortress 2-franchise ever. Therefore we’re not waiting any further to strengthen our roster for season 25 of the European Team Fortress 2 League. As Hafficool says goodbye to this game Thalash will be taking on the Crowns jersey and stepping up to the plate.

“After Full Tilt’s run at i58 we’ve unfortunately decided to part ways, but I am extremely happy to be joining Crowns and having the opportunity to play with some of the most talented players in Europe. I look forward to the future with my new team, and all the success which is to come.” – Thalash

Thalash has been a dominant force in his former team Full Tilt ever since season 22. Combining good DM with good communication he will certainlyt be a good fit for the Crowns roster. Also getting a second very competent off-classer will never leave the enemy team feeling safe.

We would also like to wish Hafficool the best of luck in Overwatch!